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First Hoko based application online (2003/05/02)

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After an extensive test in Paris Newt Games has set up a Hoko based community application in Japan: www.mogimogi.com.

Hoko first development phase finished. (2002/05/24)

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The first development phase of Hoko has been finished. Developed by Intevation under contract of Newt Games, Paris, the server now implements the specification:

  • Geolocation Server
    • PostgreSQL/PostGIS based data structures for various objects (people, artifacts, shapes, positions) and street data.
    • C++ API to perform queries and analysis.
    • Pull location data from Ericsson Mobile Positioning Services.
    • Object position and attribute (query and editing) based on coordinates and street numbers
    • Distance between objects
    • Line of sight between objects
    • Routing between objects on street network
  • Vector File Generator
    • PostgreSQL/PostGIS data structures for various map layers (point, street, river, railroad, park, water).
    • Samples of upload functions
    • C++ API for data retrival.

Hoko development site at Intevation launched (2002/04/04)

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Hoko development site at Intevation launched

This new site is dedicated to support Free Software developments around the Hoko project.

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